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Byrdoms: Waiting (as Seen on Instagram)

Byrdoms: Waiting (as Seen on Instagram)

This is the first in a new series of nuggets of wisdom from “Byrdman” Andre BYRD + WisDOM = Byrdoms

Answer This for me…

Having listened to The Flight Mixtape, Where do you see Andre going next Musically?

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Humanity vs Christianity (I Kinda Love You Unconditionally?)

Good Morning,

Todays post reveals my fascination with human behavior and the struggle to apply christian values to our lives in opposition to what we’ve learned as humans or what could quite potentially be, innate (?)

Much of what I’ve known to be true has only been confirmed as God continues to elevate me. So in many ways I’m grateful for my artistry/success as God has saw fit to give it to me.

Its Survival of the fittest they say. An innate human quality that often times causes us to use our prowess to belittle others so that we can excel without anything or anyONE standing in our way…SAD TRUTH


There is a quote, the name of the author fails me now, but the individual says this:

People love you when you’re doing good, but can’t stand you when you’re doing better then them.

Co-signing with such a statement would almost lead one to believe that you esteem yourself, more highly then you ought to, but once you look at it in essence you find that there is some truth to it! It’s amazing how someone will support you when it’s convenient; by that I mean I’ve seen in times past where others will support a person who to them is not better then they are…(sometimes its subconscious and other times very calculated.) I can’t help but wonder though, especially in the area of Inspirational, Gospel or Christian music where the message in the music is Christo-Centric, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT WE ARE SO OVERLY OPINIONATED ABOUT WHAT SOMEONE IS DOING AND HOW THEY ARE DOING IT, FOR THE KINGDOM SAKE? What is your true focus? Is it to shoot others down so that you can reach the top, singing about a message that is NOT YOURS to begin with, but given to us as a tool to reach others? Makes no sense…

I Pose this question:


…and after examining the life of Christ I’d have to say NO! The Son of God was the human expression of his father: Pure in everyday; and had he decided that he wanted to die for us upon conditions WE WOULD NEVER HAVE REACHED QUALIFICATION FOR BEING WORTHY!

We in essence are like these Chickens:


The Solution? Understanding that what we have is ours and no one else’s! How someone does what they do is not my concern and what is coming to me no one can take. SUPPORT EVERYONE! Specifically when you share the same geographical location; Once one person succeeds we all do!

Happy Father’s Day Video

My Sister and I got innovative for our father for Father’s Day. We were away from him for the first time ever and we had them play this at church today…Hilarity.

I’d type what he means to me here but I’ve said it all in the video…Take a look

Spotlight Corner (In Case You Missed It): Mali Music

Im a stickler for story lines and good imagery. After seeing the video for Mali’s new song “READY AIM” Im optimistic for his full length project and career…also inspired for my artistry and upcoming videos. ART IS SUPPOSE TO INSPIRED! Great Job Mali!

Take  a Look:

Identity (What’s Next)

This may not have any structure or order but I felt led to just be transparent and write from a place of vulnerability…

My desire is to develop a solid following who feel they can relate to me. I never wanted to be one of those people who esteem themselves higher then they ought to, so I’d like to involve you in the process every step of the way so we can grow as a family…

Now that that disclaimer is out of the way, I was thinking last night about where to go next. Im excited, as it stands the The Flight Mixtape is doing well. In another post I’ll inform you of the awesome upcoming events surrounding promotions of the Mixtape turned project, and how it transformed from an actual mixtape to a project.

One would think its too early to start considering the next project, I on the other hand am not a traditional artist. While you will not hear the new material until some time after we properly promote the album, the daunting task of maintaining relevance and keeping the general public interested in what you have to offer (Gospel or not) has somewhat intimidated me for a while.

Back in 2009 I released my first EP with my then group “Degree 180” called Degree 180 the Preview Album, it was an ode to my then stream of inspiration and heartbeart: Praise and worship. Travel 4 four years later to the Flight Mixtape and clearly my vain has changed into a Gospop sound.

RELEASES FROM 2009 to 2013

CD Insert for Degre 180 Option 1 copy 339903_560079106644_521015060_o Slide2 DreSingleCover Andre Bryd Album Cover 2e letshearitforlovecover Flight_Front Andre-Byrd-Comfort-and-Joy

My Heart though? Is still in CCM…and Im not sure its a comfort zone as much as its a passion!

Keep updated for what the Lord decides for me. Headed on a 21 day fast for the new album. The reveal of the Title, new look, artwork, imaging and more importantly sound will come in due time.

Next Entry: Humanity vs Christianity (Your Response is everything)


I know its a little too late for April Fools, but if I had gotten signed this would be the first place you would hear about it! Lol

Stay Connected

Live 180
– Dre BYrd

How you Know you are on the Verge of VICTORY…

I’ve come to a resolve!

I couldn’t be more elated at the fact that I have finally exposed to the world a project that I have been working on for two years, but refuse to lose focus of what this is really all about (and the spiritual realm won’t allow me too either.)


One of the biggest misconceptions of Christianity, specifically as it pertains to the scrutiny of Pentecostalism, comes from the over sensationalized, grandiose, and ostentatious lifestyles of the contemporary “leaders” of this movement. It appears as though once a person has accepted Jesus into their heart by merely uttering a few words spoken by whomever holds the mic, that you are now immediately a candidate to be a recipient of wealth and prestige. And while living a righteous life (by righteous I mean one that is pleasing to God himself and not measured by the law of man) has its benefits, one must also accept that there will be opposition both by flesh and blood and the spirit realm (demonic forces.)

To those who are not accustomed to or have been made privy to such opposition, in layman’s terms it means that you can expect there to be greater challenges and hinderances as a sign that you are on the verge of a victorious breaking from 360s or disastrous cycles in your life.

Case in point:
I take pride in the fact that I live an honest life before man, by that I mean I refuse to acknowledge the great things that are happening to me without making mention of the struggle it took to be blessed in the first place. With that being said, I have had problems in the past with obedience, it has taken me gettin into a rut before I get the point, therefore in the past I had allowed myself to fall prey to the desires of my flesh and made some connections that were not beneficial to spirit growth.

In the process of finally releasing the “FLIGHT Mixtape” I made a vow to increase my consecration and stay connected to God so that I would know when I was about to fall and learn to avoid it. IN THE SPACE OF A WEEKS TIME, prior to the release of the project I received many invitations to rekindle past negative cycles (Im talking about offers from people I havent heard from in months, even years) all very tempting…until I began to realize my purpose and that this was an attack LAUNCHED BY THE ENEMY to keep me bound so that I couldnt be effective in ministry! And since spirits operate through man, MY EPIPHANY CAME!

Whether you know what I am speaking of or not, I want to encourage you to GUARD YOUR ANOINTING, your PURPOSE and realize that when these kinds of things start happening, that is a sign that what is getting ready to happen for you is so great!!!! Otherwise the enemy wouldn’t bother you at all!


Tribes are Back!


A new way to be human

Still tired of Church?? Try Tribes! I told you all before about the project I was launching with my Church family called Tribes.  Tribes are a missional community idea where groups of no more than 12 people meet in venues outside of a church in order to connect people to God and to one another. We have recently concluded our first cycle and the testimonies have come pouring in. Ordinary believers with no ministry experience were able to baptize a handful of people into Christ, lead friends into a saving encounter with Christ and even see bodies healed in the name of Jesus! We brought the “Church in the Wild” and people are hungry for “the more” of God. We are gearing up for our 2nd cycle beginning June 3rd-August 18th. JOIN or HOST ONE TODAY and grow deeper in your relationship with God. Those who are leading…

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